Newark Man on Meth Allegedly Fights with Police

Bruno Ferreira, 31, and a resident of Newark, New Jersey, was stopped for speeding. Police who chased Ferreira down subsequently discovered he was driving a stolen vehicle. Police pursued Ferreira all the way into the next township before he finally pulled over.

At the time of Ferreira’s arrest, police had no reason to suspect he was high on drugs, as he seemed to cooperate fully, climbing into the squad car without protest. It was only after officers brought him to the police station that he became aggressive.

When officers first attempted to search the suspect, he became extremely uncooperative and belligerent. According to Police Chief James Batelli, as time went on, the suspect’s demeanor became increasingly contentious and irrational, and eventually, he physically clashed with officers.

When they were finally able to subdue the suspect sufficiently, a more thorough search of the suspect’s person by officers revealed he had a sufficient amount of crystal meth in his possession to lead police to suspect he was dealing it as well as using it. Officers did not know or speculate as to whether the vehicle theft was in any way related to the drugs they found.

After being charged with drug possession with intent to distribute, receiving stolen property, obstruction of justice and eluding police, Ferreira was escorted by officers to a local medical center to evaluate his condition. None of the officers involved in the arrest and detainment of Ferreira were injured.

Crystal Meth addiction, one of the most devastating on the addict, is also one of the most prevalent illegal drugs on the market today. To find out more, check out the U.S. Dept of Justice Drug Enforcement Agency’s 2018 National Drug Threat Assessment Report.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction to meth, get help now. Meth addicts can sometimes be mistaken for mental illness patients because of their volatile and unpredictable behavior. Family First Intervention Services can help. (888-291-8514).

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