About Us

We are an information site to provide readers with stories and information about crime-related stories (theft and plundering) involving alcohol and drugs. We intend to show how drugs and alcohol affect behavior.

We aren’t out to frighten our readers, but we want them to be informed of the deleterious effects of these substances, and how the users can lead to crime. The results are bad not only for them but often for innocent bystanders.

Each of these news stories is true and shows the ultimately negative results of drug or alcohol abuse.

In each article on ‘Plunder the crime of our time”, you will find links to additional information about the particular drug being reported upon, as well as links to recovery and treatment options. If you have knowledge of someone who is struggling with addiction or even suspects it, don’t wait. Confirm your suspicions then do something about it! The life you save may be a friend or even your own.

We hope you will learn from these stories and be encouraged to act and get involved.